This is my un-regularly scheduled Wednesday real estate advice for the general public:

This morning, I had a woman call me about a home that I’m advertising for an open house. (I could talk for hours about good marketing practices BTW and the several hours per open house or listing that I spend promoting and advertising)

She stated that she really wants to buy but she’s looking for rent to own (which is a separate rant that most of you have heard from me before) because she didn’t think she qualified for a mortgage.

She said “I spoke to XYZ person at XYZ lending company but he/she didn’t seem very interested in helping me so I gave up”

You guys, NO.

Housing is one of our basic human needs. It’s a fact of the world that we live in and the Colorado housing market that prices are going up. Rental prices are far exceeding the sale prices in most areas. If you are renting just because you don’t think you are worthy of buying, you are digging yourself into a hole. You are most likely paying much more in rent than what your mortgage would be.

If you feel that the person you entrusted to help you with this Big Decision is not helping you, please keep looking and asking people until you find the right fit. If that’s me as your realtor, cool. If that’s not me, that’s also cool, but please find someone (whether it’s a realtor or a lender) that you click with and that you believe has your best interests at heart to help provide you with the choices available to you.

In summary: Renting is expensive, you don’t have to be stuck with it.